Friday, August 2, 2013

Today was the last day of basketball camp in Lörrach. You could tell that everybody at the camp was feeling the effects of a long week. But we all pulled together and finished strong. Today in my small group I had 4 kids that asked for a Bible and that was just awesome. It really showed that the work we did here was not wasted. My prayer for the kids is that they take what they have heard and act on it. My favorite camper was a 15 year old boy named Janic. This was his first time at camp and the first time he had really ever played basketball. He spoke enough English and I have learned enough German phrases that we could have good conversations. I could tell he really looked up to me and whenever I wanted to talk to him I usually just had to look around me to find him. He's such a great kid and I hope that God keeps working on his heart. Tonight we had a game against USC Freiburg and won our third game in a row. A lot of the campers and people associated with the camp were there and it was like a little farewell event. The time that we have spent here has been amazing. News Release Basketball had a good foundation here in Lörrach and I hope that it only continues to get stronger. 

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  1. hi jordan, nice post !
    i hope you guys gonna have a good time .
    p.s. its me nicolas from the camp( facebook: Ni Tröga Colas)
    enjoy your time in germany cu !!


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